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“Don’t agonize, organize.” ~ Florynce R. Kennedy

Nothing makes me crazier than when I can’t find something I KNOW I have.  This is the case of my ‘pantry’. OK, it’s really a closet we had the builder of our new home convert into what we can use as a pantry.  We ended up with one small wire shelf that was to really act as clothes hanger.  My hubs promised that he would build me custom shelves, but in the mean time we could use a dinky shelf unit we had in the garage.  My cans, pasta, grains, boxes piled up as I waited for those custom shelves. 

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Peas If You Please

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Joe’s Gardens English shelling peas.  Last week I stopped by and asked the farmer when his tender and sweet shelling peas would be ready for the picking.  He grumbled “It may be next Saturday… it MAY not…” 

Translation: patience.

This morning (yes, they were ready on Saturday), Joe’s handmade “Shelling Peas” sign beckoned me to get them while I can.  I filled a bag with the green pods as I tried to remember a recipe for a delicious pea soup with ginger and orange.

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