“Don’t agonize, organize.” ~ Florynce R. Kennedy

Nothing makes me crazier than when I can’t find something I KNOW I have.  This is the case of my ‘pantry’. OK, it’s really a closet we had the builder of our new home convert into what we can use as a pantry.  We ended up with one small wire shelf that was to really act as clothes hanger.  My hubs promised that he would build me custom shelves, but in the mean time we could use a dinky shelf unit we had in the garage.  My cans, pasta, grains, boxes piled up as I waited for those custom shelves. 

It’s not like he has had ample time these past eight months to make this closet into the best pantry it could be. 

He’s been toiling in our yard with landscaping and studying for his series seven exams. In a nutshell, he’s busy.  A neighbor told me about her closet dilemmas and the solutions Custom Closets & Bedrooms on the Hannegan came up with for a surprisingly meager price.  Wanting to let hubs off the hook, I scheduled an appointment, and told him this would be a ‘temporary’ solution until he could have the time to build his custom design…after we finished the day basement, and built the fence, deck, and put up crown moulding.  Eh, it could be a while.

The installer came this afternoon and quickly put in four wire shelves for a song.  As soon as I closed the door behind him I returned all the food stuffs stored in our dining room.  Yes!  I have space to spare!  It’s not beautiful but it’s oh-so-utilitarian.  Now I will know if I have three bags of brown rice before I put another on my shopping list.


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