Impromptu Mom + Son Hike

Sunday began with a bit of a promise of rain.  We definitely could use some and would like to turn off the garden hose.  I’m thinking about hunting for a couple great looking vessels that could be used as rain barrels for the garden patch.

The hubster was studying securities blah, blah, blah for work while son and I were looking for something to do.  Looking out the window we determined it would only be overcast – no rain, no excuses for staying indoors today. 

In the mood for shellfish and a trip to Taylor Shellfish Farm, I suggested that my son and I head to Larrabee and hike to Fragrance Lake. 

Winding our way down Chuckanut Drive through dense trees and ferns, we stopped to take photos of the islands jutting out of the water and touching the flat, grey sky. 

To our surprise we were able to park at the entrance to the trail head.  We only passed a few returning hikers on our way to the look out vantage point, stopping several times to enjoy the silence of humanity and the sounds of nature and practice our bird whistles. 

My son is pretty good and thinks that the gap between his two front teeth should not be corrected with braces for this reason alone.

Since we were nearly there, we made our way to Taylor’s after our hike .   My son decided to continue to hone his photography skills as I selected five pounds of manila clams. In retrospect this was 2.5 lbs too many but they will keep in a bowl in the fridge until the next day. 

Tonight for diner we’ll steam these in garlicky herbed white wine and serve over fresh pasta from Bellingham Pasta Company with a fresh picked salad from our garden.

As we winded back Chuckanut to town, we found a field filled with foxglove begging to be photographed. 


Ah, we love the bounty our environs provide.


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