april showers can be overrated

Is it here yet?  With each sunny day and budding branch on my young dogwoods and maples the inevitable is coming.  Spring seems to be shaking the frost from Bellingham.  This has been an unusually cold winter.  We are all ready for the big thaw. 

The start of spring also brings the opening day of the Farmer’s Market.  The Plenty crew just had to be there, as well as everyone else in Whatcom County this sunny day.  We were excited to see a small selection of veggies – radishes, assorted greens, a few potatoes and leeks, as well as abundant tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, and garden veggie and plant starts.  Jill found Cascadia Mushrooms and invested in shitake plugs.  Instant gratification this is not. In one to two years we will have abundant shrooms that will return again and again for five to ten years.  Generous Jill is studding a log for me to tuck in my new shade garden that my family created this weekend, but I digress and will come back to that project in a minute.

We stumbled upon the Skagit River Ranch table and both of us purchased grass-fed beef, and I bought my first dozen of farm fresh eggs.  The carton revealed beautiful speckled brown and green eggs. 

I have grand plans for these eggs tomorrow night for the in-laws.

Inspired by the budding Whatcom bounty, I headed home to finish up my shade garden on the north facing back side of my new home.  The fam and I hauled two yards of 4-way topsoil Northstar Stone & Landscaping delivered earlier for a very reasonable price.  I was not up to renting a truck, loading it myself then unloading it all before washing out the bed so this worked nicely.  My son and I tucked an assortment of hostas and ferns, many found at Bakerview Nursery, into the fertile soil. (Very fertile lemme tell ya!  We smelled like a barn by the time we were done and the cat thought it was a great idea to roll around in the manure.) We even found a home for some lilies of the valley.  We spread the bark mulch and thought it was great but definitely missing edging – but what to use?  As luck would have it there is a home ready to bud from its foundation near ours and the overturned dirt revealed abundant stones for use.

My boy was very proud to discover great stones and haul them to the back yard.  He loves all things rock.  We are excited to see this emerge as we head into summer.  I’ll post more photos as the hostas and ferns grow.  Now I hope to find some wild ginger to fit into the bed.

Not satisfied to only create exterior art, we tried our hand at making fresh mozzarella, Barbara Kingsolver style.  It’s was too easy!  Why don’t people do this all the time?

We used the fantastic whole milk (you can find bits of cream clinging to the glass neck) from our local dairy Twin Brook Creamery. Perhaps it’s the fact that their milk is wonderful, or that it comes in those charming, old-fashioned glass returnable bottles, but the cheese is simply luscious.  So you are asking we did with that marvelous cheese by now.  We made fresh dough and heated up our pizza stone for some of the best ‘za we’ve tasted.  That was not difficult to do with wonderful ingredients including the mouth watering salumi salami purchased from our fav foodie shop Quel Fromage – the only game in town that has scored the famed Seattle cured meats.  If you have not discovered Quel Fromage, you really must go because you are in for a treat! 

As it is with many families, we make 1/3 of the pizza the way lil’ C likes, and my hubby and I get the other 2/3rds just how we like it.  We happily washed it down with age-appropriate beers, cool lager for us while son slurped a dark cherry pop on our new deck overlooking the shade garden.  Now I call that a good day in Whatcom County.  Who says there is not enough to keep you busy?!


One response to “april showers can be overrated

  1. plentywithinreach

    So Barbara would nix the tomatoes in April ya know 🙂

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