Monthly Archives: April 2009

heirloom of ones own

Our bookclub recently discussed how Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle impacted us – positively to say the least –  yards of compost spread, homemade pizza nights initiated, hundreds of lettuce and carrot seeds sown.  My copy (with many underlined paragraphs and !!!) is already out on loan.  I started to be more aware of my food choices, hunting for products grown in Whatcom County (at the very least Washington state) and I did sow more frost-hardy vegetables in the backyard.  I wish I could tell you that I stopped there, but as you’ll see my enthusiasm for the book is growing, literally.  Joel and I now have a feathered flock of five!  Welcome, ladies.


5 chicks – no dudes:  2 Araucana, 2 Rhode Island Red & a lone Buff Orpington

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april showers can be overrated

Is it here yet?  With each sunny day and budding branch on my young dogwoods and maples the inevitable is coming.  Spring seems to be shaking the frost from Bellingham.  This has been an unusually cold winter.  We are all ready for the big thaw. 

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