mary, mary, quite contrary

Eager to greet the spring season at the door, Jill and I made our way to the 21st Fairhaven Neighbors Plant and Tree Sale.  This annual event brings together local growers and nurseries offering a bounty of native plants, ornamentals, and fruit trees to benefit Fairhaven Neighbors and the Coalition for Local Self Reliance.   I got several varieties of ferns, interesting shady ground cover, and a half dozen strawberry plants. Jill honed in on several Lady’s Mantle starts, her favorite filler for bouquets, and a white flowering quince for $5!  Excellent finds supporting a great cause and worth getting soaked in the rain. 

 We filled Jill’s car with our finds, yet we were unsatisfied. 

My new home’s yard is a blank slate waiting to be filled.  

I have designs for a particularly shady spot against the house.  I had the ferns, but not the hostas or wild ginger.  Unfortunately the extraordinarily cold winter has crimped grower’s plans a bit, with some losing a variety or two all together. This is true for many Whatcom County residents who are finding well established rosemary kicking the bucket. (Note: get your replacement rosemary now – there will be a shortage this year. Why not try Joe’s Garden to start?) Jill suggested we stop by Bakerview Nursery to see what they had available. We found half price, past-season checker lilies and ornamental grasses, as well as bareroot hostas – I nabbed three varieties.

I can’t wait for next weekend. My husband and I plan to create our fern/hosta bed.  Now I’m looking for wild ginger.  Anyone have a lead?


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